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Swimming Lessons with SwimExpert

Our partner SwimExpert is the UK’s leading swimming improvement service, offering you private swimming lessons to improve your swimming guaranteed, or your money back. Whether it’s one to one private adult swimming lessons or swimming lessons for children, SwimExpert will ensure that your swimming improves. All SwimExpert's swimming teachers are specially trained, hand-picked and have years of swimming teaching experience.

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Learn To Swim Intensive Courses

SwimExperts' intensive learn to swim courses are just what you’ll need to get started or improving in the water. It’s the fast track route to success for those of you that want it done right here and right now. If you’re looking to begin swimming, or improve your current ability, then this is the quickest way you’ll be able to do it.

SwimExpert will help you in these ways:

  • Your fast track route to success
  • Guaranteed improvements or your money back
  • One to one individual attention, just for you
  • Swim with us in beautiful, clean, chlorine-free and warm health club pools
  • Save £££s on bulk buy!

  • Swimming Lessons For Adults

    Whatever level you are when you start with SwimExpert, they’ll find you the teacher to suit your swimming development. All of there teachers are specially trained for adult swimming lessons. SwimExpert have even gone through further development with them for one to one lessons.

    SwimExpert will help you in these ways:

  • You get one to one attention for fast improvements
  • The UK’s top swimming teachers helping you
  • Guaranteed improvements
  • Swimming lessons tailored to your needs
  • In-water help where needed

  • Swimming Lessons For Children

    At SwimExpert, the focus is on getting your child to improve quickly and effectively while having plenty of fun. There teachers have all had years of swimming and teaching experience, and one thing we all agree on is that one to one lessons improve a child's swimming faster in a more enjoyable way than group lessons. SwimExpert prefer to be in the pool with your child to help them improve and only work on the things that apply directly to your child as an individual.

    SwimExpert will help your child in these ways:

  • Improve your child’s swimming more effectively
  • Get individual attention all the time from the swimming teacher
  • Individually tailored lessons that will directly help your child to improve
  • Have fun and not get shouted at like in group lessons
  • Get more done in their pool time

  • Advanced Lessons For Competition

    If you’re just starting to compete, or looking to climb up the national rankings, SwimExpert can help you. They have a group of cherry-picked coaches that can seamlessly supplement your current training programme and give you quality time working on your technique, something that you often don’t get time to do within large groups.

    SwimExpert will help you in these ways:

  • Improve your technique
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing training
  • You get faster!
  • Individually tailored sessions to get the most out of your training
  • Race plans and competition preparation from degree qualified, been there and done that, coaches