SwimSaver Loyalty Points

This is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for being a valued customer with theSwimmingShop. Each time you make a purchase with us you’ll earn SwimSave Points which can be redeemed against future purchases at theSwimmingShop.

The amount of SwimSave Points you earn depends on the amount you spend. With every product you buy from us you are awarded at least 5 SwimSave Points per £1 you spend. From time to time products or brands may also have DOUBLE or even TRIPLE point promotions or bonus points available as well!

But you don’t have to just spend money to earn Loyalty Points, sign up to theSwimmingShop newsletter and earn 50 SwimSave Points, or Like our Facebook page to earn a further 25 SwimSave Points. We'll even award you 100 SwimSave Points just for setting up an account!