SwimExpert Aqua Dumbbells - Blue-Large

Young and old – aqua fitness is suitable for people of all ages. When you train in the water, you feel lighter due to buoyancy. In addition, the water’s buoyancy relieves the joints and ligaments. As a result, people of all ages and abilities can exercise effectively in the water using dumbbells. Water has a higher density than air therefore movements in the water produce gentle resistance – ideal resistance training. Training in the water strengthens your heart and circulation and also burns significantly more calories. Use these lightweight dumbbells to push and pull through the water to give you coordination, balance, strength and flexibility in your body. These dumbbells are made of superior quality laminated PE foam and are available in three different sizes: small - Length 29.5cm, Diameter 8.5cm, medium - Length 21cm, Diameter 15cm and large - Length 27cm Diameter 15cm.

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