The Perfect Cap

Swimming caps allow swimmers to reduce drag in the water and decrease the amount of damage caused to hair by chlorine. There are a wide range of silicone swimming caps, polyester swimming caps, lycra/nylon swimming caps and latex swimming caps in sizes from junior to adult with styles aimed at racing, performance and regular training. Many silicone swimming caps are also designed with extra room for those with longer hair for extra comfort and fit.

Key points to consider when buying a Swimming Cap

  • Material - The majority of caps are available in Silicone, Latex, Polyester and Nylon/Lycra. Each material can be beneficial depending on the swimmers individual needs. For example, some people are allergic to latex, so a great alternative would be silicone. The guide below gives more information on each material and some recommendations from us on which cap to choose

  • Intended Usage - Are you simply training to get fitter, swimming at an event or simply learning to swim? It's worth bearing these factors in mind as quality and cost can vary from cap to cap. For competitive swimmers we have selected caps that have been FINA Approved, 3D moulded and come in two sizes for the optimum fit and performance. For children learning to swim we have a range of fun character designs to help encourage children into the water and to look forward to swimming.
  • Colour - Gone are the days when caps came only in boring dull colours! Now all cap designs are available in a vast variety of bright, vibrant colours to suit all personalities and tastes. Most leading swimwear brands also have 'Fun Caps' for children and adults. These are normally silicone caps with funky and colourful designs.

  • Long Hair - Many caps are now designed for those with longer hair by having extra volume for a more comfortable and water tight fit. Many regular swimming caps will stretch to keep all your hair in and out of the way but you may find a specially designed cap easier and more comfortable.

  • Flat & Moulded Silicone - Moulded silicone caps offer a superior fit and added comfort but tend to cost a little more than flat silicone caps











Below is more information on each material and some recommendations from us on which cap to buy

Silicone Swimming Caps:

These were originally designed for people allergic to latex but have now become the cap of choice for most swimmers. Quite simply silicone is more durable than latex and therefore lasts longer, giving you more hours in the water. Silicone caps are great for racing as they can be 3D moulded for a great fit, plus are wrinkle reducing drag and making you more streamlined in the water. Also, make sure you have a browse through our selected silicone 'Fun Caps' with some great character designs for children.

Nylon/Lycra Swimming Caps:

These are made to reduce hair tear making them very comfortable on the head and also lightweight. They feel much less restrictive than other swimming caps and are easy to put on and take off without damage to hair or skin.

Polyester Swimming Caps:

Although these are rather porous and therefore not great at keeping water out (and your hair dry), they are extremely comfortable and lightweight. These caps are often worn by swimmers under a latex or silicone cap to reduce hair pulling, increasing comfort and giving your hair further protection from chlorine.

Latex Swimming Caps:

Latex swimming caps offer a classic fit and are popular for their great value, making them a great option for fitness and leisure swimmers. They are available in an extensive range of designs and colours. We advise you check you don’t have an allergy to latex before purchasing but don’t worry if you are allergic to latex, just choose from our range of other materials instead.