Lens and Frame Features

Anti-Fog Lens

Untreated goggles tend to easily mist up when used in the water. With a factory applied Anti-Fog treatment on the inside surface of the lenses this can be avoided without the need to use an anti-fog spray yourself. This means less hassle and less chance of your goggles fogging up while you in the water. Apart from basic models, many goggles now come with Anti-Fog protection as standard.

Note about care of anti-fog coatings: You must avoid touching, rubbing or wiping the inside of the lens as this can very quickly break up or destroy the anti-fog coating on the lenses which cannot be repaired or replaced

UV Protection

UV (Ultraviolet) rays are an invisible form of radiation from the sun and can be extremely damaging to eyes. This damage can build up over time and you generally don’t feel UV rays and the harm they are causing. Even in cloudy, overcast conditions UV rays can still be extremely harmful. As with Anti-Fog protection, most goggles now come with some level of UV protection, with many offering a complete UV shield for UVA and UVB light. If you are swimming outdoors then make sure you check what features the goggles you wish to purchase have the level of UV protection you desire

Curved Lens

Some goggles have been designed with special Curved lenses which aim to provide a distortion-free 180-degree range of vision. This is ideal for competition swimming in either a pool or open water and also simply when swimming in a busy pool

Quick/Easy Adjust Strap

This feature allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the goggles to fit to his or her head size and shape, improving comfort and convenience. This is a great feature for those in competition situations but everyone can benefit – even simply getting a child ready for the water with less fuss meaning more time in the pool

Adjustable Nose Bridge

The right goggles should be determined according to your face shape. As not all goggles come in different frame sizes, adjustable nose bridges help to ensure the goggle fits your face perfectly. Many goggle ranges come with 2 to 4 different nose bridges and the bridges are easy to change