Shape, Size and Fitting

Swimming goggles come in many shapes and sizes that offer the user varied benefits. Smaller, more streamlined designs are ideal for competition use but are generally not as comfortable. For leisure users a larger goggle lens with softer gaskets offers added comfort.

Some brands, such as Arena, offer two sized fits of adult frames (small & regular) allowing for a better fit for various face shapes. Whilst some brands, such as Aqua Sphere, also offer a frame specially made for ladies, so it’s worth exploring all the options available to find the best fit for you

Classic Swimming Goggle Shape

The classic swimming goggle is formed from an optical lens with one of two types of Gasket (Silicone & Foam) seal to the eye socket. Silicone gaskets are now primarily used and it’s rare to find foam gaskets nowadays. Gaskets are generally round and oval shaped, with the latter being most popular as it fits more securely to the natural shape of the eye

Swedish Swimming Goggle

Swedish swimming goggles are newer to the market place but are proving more and more popular with competitive swimmers. The goggle sits right on the eye socket, therefore reducing drag and enhancing the feeling of freedom in the water. It is generally not as comfortable as a classic gasket sealed goggle

Swim Masks

Swim mask are generally a popular option with children; they come in bright colours, with varied lens colours, offering a comfortable fit and easy to adjust. They are sized bigger than a traditional swimming goggle but smaller than a snorkel/diving mask. Swim masks are a great option for comfort as the mask sits around the eyes and offer a greater range of vision than a traditional goggle