How to purchase prescription goggles

Stepping into the pool when you cannot see clearly enough to feel safe or confident can be daunting. Many new or would-be swimmers are put off from even trying swimming because of this. Unfortunately, keeping their glasses on doesn't work for very long and wearing contact lenses in the pool risks eye infections!

Luckily, nowadays there is no reason to compromise your swimming enjoyment and performance with poor vision. Swimming goggles are available in a wide range of prescriptions and are surprisingly affordable compared to glasses so can be added to every swimmers essential kit. What's more no one need know you have prescription lenses as many goggles are stylish and modern in design!

The starting point for selecting prescription swimming goggles is a recent spectacle prescription from your optician. An eye examination is recommended every two years and you can simply ask for a copy of your prescription at any time. Below we will explain how to order a set of prescription goggles once you have your sight test prescription to hand.

If you get stuck at any stage then do let us know. We are here to help. We also have access to qualified opticians should your prescription be unusual or you need further advice on selecting the right goggles for you.